Friday, September 26, 2008

Oct 08

I • A M • O F • T W O • M I N D S...

Every month I face the same dilemma: what shall I put on my calendar? Sometimes I've taken an image during the month that I've sort of earmarked as possibly calendar-worthy. Sometimes I just search through my old graphic and image files and see what has been lurking that might become calendar-worthy with some help. Sometimes someone else sends an image that becomes calendar fodder. Recently I even seconded some of my mother's early work.

Tonight I find myself facing the end of the month—again— and having nothing in my files ready for the new calendar. Kate has been visiting from NYC so my time is limited. Should I pore over the old images again? Should I ransack my old design files again? Should I grab my camera and take a new and purposeful image? Of what?

As you can see, I've decided not to decide. I'll just sit here and mull. Sometimes simple inaction is the best thing.