Monday, December 1, 2008

Dec 08

2 Thanksgivings This Year...

In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. It's associated with harvest time. This year I travelled to visit KC in Ann Arbor and from there we went to visit his sister Joanie and her husband Dick where we enjoyed a glorious sunny day and a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings in honour of American Thanksgiving.

Seems we always think of pilgrims and Indians and turkeys when thinking of that American Thanksgiving thing. Yeah, BUT, (as KC's internet browsing discovered) the first declared Thanksgiving holiday in the US was associated with the American revolution and was held early in December of 1777. From that time onward it was re-declared every year (sometimes twice a year!) usually with dates in late November or early December--until 1941 when President Roosevelt signed a bill making it a national holiday falling always on the fouth Thursday of November... and opening the doors to football and the Macy's parade now in it's 82nd year... and the official beginning of Christmas shopping.

Of course, in Canada we had our Santa Claus Parade the week before to kick off our own shopping spree. I guess it takes us week longer to do our shopping here.

This month's calendar shows Joanie's and Dick's turkey-ready table overlooking this small peaceful lake that was trying to freeze over in preparation for this winter's onslaught of skating and hockey and snowmobiles.

Lots for all of us to be thankful for... whether we do it with one turkey day or two.

Now get out there and shop!