Friday, October 1, 2010

Oct 10

Frangipani memories... almost

You know about frangipani. They're the flowers for making leis. When I was a little girl there was a funny song about a frangipani sung by a woman whose name I never knew. I didn't understand what made the song funny. The lyrics may even have been rude, but I was too young to know just why people were laughing. The fact is, grown-ups laughed at that song and I loved it. I can still remember the fun and the laughter and a little of the tune... but none of the words.

Enter Google: I've learned so much about frangipani... AND... I've found some lovely songs. Seems lots are inspired by these petals and their pungent fragrance. But none of these found songs are the One. Guess I'm still on my own.

These particular frangipani flowers live outside my son Peter's office in Barbados. I bring them out now, as the days are getting shorter to remind you of the sun... and to remind me to remember something.