Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct 2011

Holding on to some last vestiges of summer...

When I lived in Texas (and later when I lived in Australia) I didn't spend much time watching the seasons. I did notice the sage in bloom before a rain (that's Texas) and the weed that I indulged because it was the only green in my Sydney back yard. That weed repaid me by producing tomatoes. From that you might infer I don't garden. You would be correct.

In Canada, however, I find myself trying to stretch the summer, or at least my conscious awareness of it. I do this by paying close attention to colours.

Every morning as I ride the subway over the Don River I carefully grab a seat facing west. This gives me a great view of the sun striking the west bank of the river and all the trees upon it. I noted the first instance of yellow leaves a good 4 weeks ago. Every day there have been more and many are starting to morph into orange. They're still mostly green, but the move is on. True oranges and browns will surround us soon.

And at my house, I wake up every morning and look out this window where I'm still finding this glorious evidence that it's not over til it's over.