Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2013

Since I converted to white hair
I've noticed there are times
When I'm invisible.

Not just in stores waiting for service.
Not just on the subway wishing for a seat.
It happens on sidewalks:
People just walk into me.
I'm not talking about a little brush
Of the elbow or of the shoulder.
I'm talking about full head-on impact.

I see them coming,
And if I can't step aside,
I stop in my tracks.
Sometimes I say something
Like "Head's up!" or "Watch out!"
When they notice me
They look absolutely stunned
To find me there.

My bouts of invisibility seem to last
A couple of days at a time,
Then all returns to normal.
People seem warmly
Aware of my presence
And don't step on me
Or push me aside in their
Rush to board the subway.

Last week a shiny new
Chapter unfolded:
On my trip to work
People smiled, yes,
But several strangers
Smiled extra-big smiles and
Actually said "Hello!"
One young man waved
As we approached each other
On the sidewalk. He smiled and
Said "Hello," then as we passed
He said, "Have a great day!"
I will admit I loved the attention.

Once at work, my friends
Continued the trend.
They all greeted me
With their own extra-big smiles
And extra-exuberant hellos.

Seems all I need to do
To increase my visibility
Is wear my new bright green shoes.
No foolin'!