Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 2014

Look at this guy.
I guess he’s seen it all.
People gawking.
     (Sigh.) Happens every day.
They’re surprised that he walled his mate into her nest
And brought her and their brood food for 8 months!
     So? Don’t you look after your family?
No spring yet in Toronto?
     Yup, not surprised.
Rob Ford’s going into rehab?
     Wait! What?
I am trés fortunate to have friends who not only travel to wonderful exotic places, but who also take wonderful images
and show us all. Éric, friend and proofreader extraordinaire who’s kept me covered for lots of years, recently returned from Penang.
There he found this wreathed hornbill hanging out in George Town’s zoo. I invite you to go grab the high resolution
version (see below) and stare into that eye… whole worlds are in there… maybe he’ll teach you to meditate.

Tell me about it… and if you’re inspired, give him a name.

Susan, take note. I’ll be waiting.