Thursday, December 31, 2020

Jan 2021

Contemplating faces of the past and the future...

My Balcony Buddha
Quietly contemplates
Alms of snow
In his hands...
Here & now.

He ponders
Faces of the past
Faces of the future.

What does he know?
What can he tell us?
What do those faces

Are there messages
In the faces?
In the fonts???
Can my Balcony Buddha
Decipher desires?
From typefaces????

I choose to depict
Our New Year’s numbers
In Linotype Zootype.
I like the curvy boldness
And how this year’s
Numeral One
Asserts its straight
Against that very

And all this with a
Bird’s eye view
Of past and future.
I like to think
I’m watching
My future unfurl
From my aerie...

Able to watch
And remain firm
Then venture forth
Back into a
Brave-again world…
Not new, but renewed.

What font do you choose
For your New Year?
What will your choice
Tell you about your own
Future prognostications?

I've accidentally invented
A new profession
For myself:
Personalized typeface readings.

Want me to tell you
About your choice?
Just send me a pic or a pdf
Of the numerals 2021 set large
In your typeface of choice.
Also tell me the font name.
I'll send you an interpretation...
Free (for a limited time only).

In the meantime,
Enjoy your celebrations
And (like last month from Maude Lewis)...
Don’t forget the cats.

If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course