Sunday, February 28, 2021

Mar 2021


Hope’s tulips…
Stand tall
Like magnets
Attracting outliers
With their mutual
Straight strength.
Yes, storms might
Still come,
But these resounding
Harbingers of
The best that is
Yet to come,
Then willingly
This year
We can translate
Ourselves into
Their heralding
We might all be
Outliers today…
But soon we’ll
Be pulled back
Into our own folds
And rejoice
In our own
Spring and vaccine jabs
Are due to collide
Here in Canada.
As our ice and snow
Melt, so too can our
We’ll all continue
To watch, of course,
For slippery patches
On our sidewalks,
But the light is
Ablaze and we are keen
To revel and delight
In all the glory
It promises to bring
Back with it.
This month’s peaceful
Image of Hope
Comes from my friend
Whose very name
is Hope.
What could be
Any better than that‽‽
Oh, and what is that
Gold-letter day,
You may ask???
Last year it was
Friday the Thirteenth.
That was the day
I self-sequestered.
My life in 425 sq ft
Has been fiercely
Quiet for almost
A year now.
Wonder how I should
Mark the day?
Suggestions welcome.

If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course