Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Sept 2022

 Easy like a lion a-lollin'...

Ok I made that one up.
But I couldn’t resist
After last month’s frog.

And with this lion’s one eye open
Maybe she’s a-lurkin’…

Probably both
A-lollin’ and a-lurkin’
Doncha think?
After all, she can’t
Tell us about either,
But we might assume
That hunting is
A key part
Of her day dreams…
And, as K’naan tells us
Until the lion learns to speak,
The tale of the hunt
Will be weak.

My friend Teresa
Recently made a momentous
Trek to East Africa
And this is one of the pictures
She posted.
Only one.
There were many.
Looky at the PDF here.
And while you do,
Play The Lion Sleeps Tonight
By the Tokens
Or the earlier version
By the Weavers
Or especially the
Original 1939 version
By Solomon Linda & The Evening.
Why so many versions?
Here’s the story.
Teresa has travelled
Lots and lots over the years…
And she always connects
With people and places
In profound and heartfelt ways.
She says she saw this lioness
Resting in Uganda.
Teresa’s words:
    Observer, survivor,
    Predator, and hunted.
    Actually I really have no words
    That can describe how
    Awake my senses were in Africa.
    In an almost dreamlike state
    I sensed, saw, felt, and touched
    The magic of my surroundings.

And with that music still playing
In my own background
I know that
I’m going to love
Having this lion
On my desktop
This whole month.
At any given time…
The urge to sing
Will be just a whim away…
A whim away…
A whim away.

If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course