Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dec 2022


Drama every day...

I’m not new to daily drama.
When we lived in Vancouver’s Deep Cove
My studio overlooked
Trees, water, and islands and hills beyond.
And so many clouds!!!
And fogs and mists!!

More studios have each offered
Different views and
Different dramas.

Yes… and you know how
I’m watching my new
City dramas unfold from today’s
Aerie studio. That skyline
I’ve shown you so many ways.
This one is from a couple of weeks ago.
From my perch
I see it all punctuated by
My EKKO mobile. It hangs
Gently indoors from curtain rod
In front of the window views
You know so well.
In the summer,
Breezes from the windows
Keep it moving… and in the winter,
The heat rises from the rads below
To keep it wafting…
Always giving motion
To my view.
The drama is often simple
And always profound.
I am moved as it moves.
I love how we humans
Can both stand in awe
Of Mother Nature’s
Dramatic displays…
And rejoice in adding
Our own creativity
To her ever-changing vistas.

I love that I can notice
Better now
With my new eyes…
Eyes that pretend
To see like the old ones.
The pretense is excellent
And only registers as pretense
Because of the years I spent
Watching my world become
Darker and greyer
With each passing day.
Was that darkness
Another reality?
I do know that
I prefer the brightness
Of my world today…
With all it’s subleties.
After all, how do we even know
What is real???

No matter, it’s all part of
Our daily drama…
It’s all fun…
And I’m happy to watch
It unfold in front
Of these newly-minted eyes…
These very eyes…
Pretentious or not!
If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course