Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Feb 2023

Many happy returns... always...

If you are born in Toronto
At 9:15 am today, this is what your
Astrological natal chart will look like.
The sun is associated with
Your best expression of yourself.
In your chart the sun’s in Aquarius,
The sign associated with
The forming of community,
Of developing a path
To inclusion and universality…
In other words: common ground.
Plus, in your chart Aquarius
Occupies the second house,
The parts of your life
Concerned with your
Personal resources...
Whatever you need
For your own sustenance…
Like food, money,
And a rock solid
Sense of values.
Every year on your birthday…
     Give or take a day or two
     Because: leap year…
The sun shows up
In the same place.
That’s what the ancients,
Like those famous
Three wise men,
Called your solar return.
That’s the real reason
People will wish you
Many happy returns.
The sun’s position is easy to know
Because the earth orbits
Around the sun every 365 days...
     Sort of… remember
     Leap year catches us up
     For those extra
     5 hours,
     59 minutes, and
     16 seconds each year.
The moon, of course,
And all the planets
Also have returns,
But their orbits around the sun
Take different amounts of time
So you’ll need to look it up
Or ask an astrologer,
The scientists of yore
Still plying our trade
In 2023.

Want to know what those symbols are on this month’s calendar? I have a keywords chart for you in this folder. You’ll see the sun and the moon are listed as planets. That’s just tradition talking. We know they’re not really planets. While you’re there, why not pick up the higher resolution version of my calendar and try it out as wallpaper on your computer desktop? That’s what I do
every month. (background photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash)

Please enjoy this glorious and short month... hearts included.

If this isn't nice, what is?

~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course