Tuesday, June 27, 2023

For Teresa


Teresita Patricia Gonzalez Magnon
March 17, 1949 ~ June 27, 2023

Noren: indigo

Split curtains from Japan,
Hang in doorway.

Custom dictates that

We bow as we pass through...
Show respect for

Place left behind…
And place entered.

In response

Noren sway in breeze...

Give visual evidence

Of our journey.

Teresita, you have been

The warm breeze

To the noren of my life.

Each time we met

I was refreshed and renewed...
I was nurtured and ennobled...
I was affirmed and valued.

With you I found

Inspiration and joy.
We shared our interests
In books, movies, and TV shows.
Through you I learned
Of the plight of those
You were committed to helping
All over the world.

Teresita, you personified
Hope and confidence
In life’s infinite capacity
To renew itself...
And not always to take
Itself just too, too seriously.

Thank you, my dear, dear amiga.

We are all humbled by your
Passing breeze.

Bette Forester

Toronto, 1 July 2023
Image: Summer Delight
by Teresa Gonzalez
Acrylic on Canvas