Saturday, September 30, 2023

Oct 2023

A time for choices...

Once upon a time
Peter’s dad and I
Discovered that we
Shared a long-time yen…
It wasn’t a prolonged discussion…
Just a random admission
That we each had always
Harboured the yen
To live in Australia.

The planning did take
A long time.
First were the formal applications
And the waiting for approvals…
Then the divesting
Of all our Texas stuff.

Then the decision to travel
To Sydney via six months
In Mexico…
Because... maybe we’d
Never be able to return
To see stuff we’d always
Saved for “next time.”

Oz presented us with
Choices of the
Starting-over variety…
The chance to
Reinvent ourselves
Each with our own tools
From our pasts.

Many more choices
Most with the awareness
That timing within
My lifespan can
Give breadth to
New hopes and aspirations...
To expand my options
For my future self
To relish.

Of course, some choices
Grabbed me by the nape
Of my neck and
Forced me to reconsider.

Decisions are like that, eh?
Neither good nor bad…
Just creating a fork in the road
That can change everything.
At the budding starts
Of their careers,
Lucas and Lauren have chosen
The magic of Halifax
To be their first home together.
This month's offering is another pic
Showing us yet another reason
For their choice:
Sunrise from Point Pleasant Park.

Early last month
Peter and Lisl visited them
And saw for themselves…
The nature and the food and the culture.

and the food

and the culture.

From the Maud Lewis exhibit
At the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
To the rooftop reading room

At the glorious Halifax Central Library
All just short hops
From their delightful new digs.
I applaud.

If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course