Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 09


November, I'm sure you'll recall, is the month of remembrance. Remember when we needed wires to communicate?

Wait a minute! Just last week as I left work I heard an enormous chattering overhead. Looking up, this month's calendar shows you only a small portion of what I found. Twas some kind of blackbird convention. The topic being so vociferously argued: where will they all rest and have a friendly chat of their own when our com-wires are finally truly gone? Some said trees. Others objected because leaves get in the way of eye-contact. Then, looking at the pedestrians below, one said they could just chat on the go and never rest again. I left them squawking and phoned to pick up my messages as I walked on.

While you're doing your traditional remembering this month, please remember Kurt Vonnegut on his birthday, the 11th. A good day to remember the man who taught us the horror of war as a result of not dying in Dresden. If you don't know, go read Slaughterhouse Five...or rent the DVD if you want to remember faster.