Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dec 09

Take a big breath...

...and get ready to say something. Something like Happy New Year. That no-sound before you say the first word is the sound of autumn turning into winter. Sometimes, of course that no-sound is accompanied by the sound of walking through fallen leaves. But before they fall, each leaf takes that big breath and prepares itself for the Big Changes to come.Then it simply exhales and wafts. We're in the habit of seeking the sounds, of course. No-sounds elude us. Evidence of the no-sounds though is always in the sound that follows.

Wait for it: the snow may fall silently, but its exale involves all of nature and reminds us to change how we walk, lest we make that sad falling-on-ice crunching sound. So.... take that big breath and rejoice in the exhale... and waft a little this month.