Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mar 2012

Sending my kids out to play...

From the time they were little
I loved meeting Peter's and Kate's playmates.
They each proved through those early and subsequent friendships
That they know how to value and enjoy
And share their lives with
Some of the nicest and most talented people
On the planet.
They both play well with others.

This painting is another of my kids.
I painted it here in Toronto
As memory of one of my favourite places
In San Antonio, Texas: the Spanish Governor's Palace.
It now lives with Peter in Barbados
And has been making friends of its own, too.
Look! Peter says this little green lizard
Hangs out around my painting. Seems they're buds.
My colourful painting also plays well with a colourful other.

If you want to see the whole thing,
I used it for my Sept 2004 calendar.
You'll find it in these calendar archives