Monday, April 2, 2012

Apr 2012

Well Google seems to have won the day announcing new Morse code tapping for mobile gmail... Google Maps announced a retro graphics option... and the landing page of Chinese Google offered an interactive seascape with swimming fish and falling coins and treasure chests. Seems some cultures refer to the day as April Fish Day.

My own offering is more of a test of perception than of foolery. Is it a moonscape? a map of the stars? Is the circle an innie or an outie? a pool or a lump?

Well, I'm not trying to fool you, but to show you a detail of one of my fave Noguchi basalt sculptures. I love these carvings for their shapes and even more for their surface textures. 

Hope you enjoy pondering this month.
Also remember to pack your bumbershoot for all those April showers.