Monday, December 31, 2012

Jan 2013

New Year's Noren

Today's email brings news
Of academic study that posits
Doorways form some kind of
Memory barrier…
Apparently we clear our minds
Upon passage to make room
For the new.
Offers us excuse for forgetting
Why we entered a room,

Noren, indigo
Split curtains from Japan,
Hang in doorway,
Custom dictates that
We bow as we pass through…
Show respect for
Place left behind
And place being entered.
Noren sway in breeze…
Ripples give visual evidence
Of our journey:
Acknowledge past
While entering future.

In my world,
Most year-end passages
Are gentle.
I drink sake from red lacquered sakazuki,
My ceremonial Japanese cup.
Three cups of three sips each:
Past, present, future
All contained within each moment
Of past, present, future.

I reflect on this science-fiction
Quality of Real Life
Plans for my New Year.

This year my noren
Find me in recovery mode
From bout with lingering flu.
Reflections are warped by cold meds,
Irregular sleep patterns
And strange dreams.
The planned ripple of
Kate's holiday visit was
Delightfully gusted by
Surprise arrival of her boyfriend,
David of Oakland.

My anticipation of this New Year
Includes another gust
By a visit with Peter and Lisl
In Barbados.

All this makes me realize
I might not always remember
Why I'm in this life anyhow,
But I'm determined to
Regain my drug-free clarity
And enjoy the ripples...
And the gusts...
As they present themselves.


Bette Forester
31 Dec 2012