Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 2013

Yes! Another New Year!

Traditionally the Chinese observe the lunar year, which means the new year falls on a different calendar day each year. It's the second new moon after the winter solstice. The Chinese celebrate for 15 days with different activities designated for each day. Wikipedia has it all. This year's new moon arrives on Feb. 10th and is the actual day that the Dragon's year is usurped by the Year of the Snake.

Famous people born in the Year of the Snake include Muhammad Ali, Tony Blair, Bob Dylan, Henry Fonda, Mahatma Gandhi, Greta Garbo, Dizzy Gillespie, JFK, Carole King, Mao Zedong, Pablo Picasso, Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Woolf. Anne Rice, Ann-Margret,  Audrey Hepburn, Christie Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Kim Basinger, Linda McCartney, Liv Tyler,  Queen Elizabeth I, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah Jessica Parker, Art Garfunkel, Audrey Hepburn, Dean Martin, Dorothy Parker, Paul Simon, Ben Stiller, Charlie Sheen, Charles Darwin, Martha Stewart, Pierce Brosnon, President Abraham Lincoln, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Allen, and Grace Kelly.

In Western Astrology we see any new moon as an opportunity to unlock our dreams. This Feb 10th new moon is in Aquarius. It's focus will be on innovative ideas, the future, humanitarianism, revelations and surprises... all to include the big picture, humour and warm friendships. I invite you to prepare a New Moon Wish List on the evening of the10th.