Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 2013

If I ever made a quilt...

One would include all the bee designs I've played with over the years.
Another would be cats at windows watching the seasons.
I don't think I'm the quilting kind, tho, so Illustrator gives me the
opportunity to experiment sans thimble and avec loads of un-dos.

My quiltly interest has recently resurfaced through Arlene Sachitano's delightful cozy mysteries. They're centred around the Puget Sound area in Washington State where my parents lived when I was born. That means I lived there, too, of course, but all I know are their stories and scrapbook pix. Fortunately both are rich sources.

Arlene's books focus on quilts and the community of people who make
them. You can find them at Amazon. The books, not the quilts.
You're on your own for those.

Arlene (who quilts) and her family live in Portland, now home to
Phoebe (who weaves) and Richard (who keeps me posted
on all things internet)... Phoebe of my university days of lore
and whom Kate now calls "West Coast Mum."

Bonus: these peeps all now know each other. Arlene is mother
to David. You know, the one who has captured Kate's heart...
the one who visited here as my cherished Christmas surprise.

As Dirk Gently pointed out, it all serves to demonstrate the
fundamental interconnectedness of all phenomena in the universe.

Like quilts.