Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2013


Since I have this beedance fixation, when I first wanted to learn about eBay I decided to experiment with items about bees. I discovered little bee-jewelled bee brooches and bee pendants and bee earrings... and children's books about bees... and even a famous early 1900s bee-keeping volume by one John Lovell, whose last name is the same as that of my great-great-grandmother... and my own middle name. I also found this little hand-hooked bee rug from the newly-dubbed BeeBay. These little bees seem to be showing me their beedance directions to places only they can imagine. Or perhaps you know????

This past Monday we celebrated Canada Day... you'll notice the stamp here, proving Don Watt's flag still stands on guard for me. We're now hoping for some actual summer weather. Hope your summer is full of fireworks and bees dancing, pointing your way to refreshing victuals and nectars and more.