Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aug 2013


In the last month we've had such a range of weather to complain about and even to rejoice in: oppressive heat, a flood with resulting electrical blackout, and supreme bouts of coolth. I found myself remembering the sweltering heat of Barbados AND how Bajan architecture welcomes the Sun and uses his own power to beat back the discomfort he can cause. 

In Bridgetown at the George Washington House... where George visited as a young man and developed his interest in becoming a soldier... I saw how people filtered water through a stack of coral stones situated under the dense shade of an old tree. Since the island is made of coral, this idea was probably obvious then. 

In Spightstown I visited Arlington House, home to the Skinner family for some 200 years... and where they operated a ship's chandlery on the ground floor. Generations of Skinners and their guests were able to escape the then-capital's hustle and bustle on this louvered second-floor balcony. Britishly, of course, they called it the first floor. I sat here relishing the cool quiet before venturing back out into the glare for more exploring. 

I meandered and visited a gallery featuring artist Bill Grace's sculpture, then I crossed the street and found a beach-front cafe. There I soaked up the shade of sweeping trees and a salt-tinged breeze and some refreshing coconut water with some local fish. 

It's really hard to complain about Nature's extreme heat, when she also provides such glorious respite. All we have to do is find it. After all, shade only works when there's a powerful sun to create it. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer, eh?