Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nov 2013

November is blowing in
On Halloween's heels...
Wind and total grey here,
Inside rain cloud.
But this is not that.
This is before...
Because I want to tell you 
About my sunrises.

On clear mornings the sun
First strikes the top of the tower,
Then creeps down
The rest of the buildings
Reflecting growing glare 
Into my windows,
And leaving the trees below
Still in Earth's own shadow.
Each day a different version
On glorious theme...
Now underscored
As sun slips south.

I see
The city...
The valley...
The lake...
The island.
Different light
Every morning. 

Have I mentioned?
I'm a lucky girl.

Have a great Mo/Movember and
Be sure to remember
To remember 
On the eleventh.
Et al. 
His birthday
And pleas
For humanity.