Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dec 2013

Portland, I'm told, is the place where young people go to retire.

I spent 5 days in Brooklyn with Kate and David, hanging, eating, exploring... including a day with Susan (she who helped me birth Kate 34 years ago). Then I joined Kate and David for a trip to Portland to celebrate American Thanksgiving with David's family and their friends and my friends and their family. It was an enormous and delicious dinner. There were dogs, too. These friends, both old and new, then celebrated my birthday with warmth and even more food... and chocolate.

And a trip to Powell's Books. Google it and you'll find out why that's important.

I stayed with Phoebe and Richard, she from my university days in Texas. Some of you might remember Phoebe from my October 2006 calendar, when she and Richard lived in San Francisco. Three years ago they moved to Portland and now have recently adopted this delightful terrier named Kobi, who also included me in his family circle. He is rotund. He is 11 years old. He gets very upset when people hug.

He spent entirely too much time being upset during my happy visit.
Thank you Kobi... et al. Virtual hugs to all of you... youse all... ya'll.
You know who you are.