Friday, August 1, 2014

Aug 2014

August washes in bringing summer’s left-overs.

Where I am, summer’s been only a glimmer of “better-than-winter” this year. Today bodes better, unless the rain returns.

Kate was recently in Ponang in South Korea, where summer was overpoweringly hot and where she found this starfish washed ashore. 

What are my summer left-overs? Open windows. Iced tea on the balcony. 
New streetcar-tracks… for new streetcars due the end of the month. 
Walks in Riverdale Park. Farmers’ market in Withrow Park. Always carrying my umbrella. 
Dough Bakeshop’s ice cream sandwiches made with their own choc chip cookies and chocolate Kiwartha ice cream.

OK… gotta get to Dough right now. It’s a nice walk there and the very-vocal orange tabby that hangs out on the corner just might greet me along my way.

It is still summer, after all. Enjoy