Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sep 2014

Throwback September

Today is the first day of school here in Toronto. 

I remember my first day: my mother made this soft Chambray dress in pale blue with a white collar and navy blue bows. She also made a matching dress for my doll Mary Lou. My shoes were polished navy blue when I left home, but when I came home they were covered in caliche dust from the playground.

My hair was permed, I wore my Disney Cinderella watch and I was very excited with my little plaid satchel as it was essential to feeling like a real school girl at last. Inside I carried a quarter for my lunch and in the afternoons I brought my art home for my parents to admire. Inside the satchel's little flap my mum taped an extra quarter in case I lost my daily quarter. I never lost my lunch money, but I gave the extra quarter to friends a few times when they lost theirs.

That was also the time I began dancing lessons, piano lessons and art lessons. My parents determined I should try all three for two years in hopes I would find I preferred one. And I did: dance! I didn't pick up art again until my last year of high school... and by that time I was teaching dancing and dancing professionally while I continued my own lessons.