Friday, July 30, 2021

August 2021


Things That Match My Kitchen...

It started with my clothes,
Then branched out into
My graphic designs…
And eventually a room in my house.
I was travelling while
Painters did my bidding.
Peter phoned and raised an alarm,
“Mum they’re painting
Your dining room the colour
Of gel toothpaste!”

I guess it was…
Maybe I should fall
In love with gel toothpaste, too!
Of course, it was just the walls.
Ceiling and woodwork
Remained a pure bright white…
And a row of pre-Ikea
White bookshelves
Spanned the wall
Below the white-framed window.
And the tablecloth
Was was a dusty shade
Of gel toothpaste.

Any art I hung on those walls
Sang in ways I’d never known.
Some call it turquoise…
But I call it Bright Teal.
It sings.
It zings.
It brings it’s song
To whatever hangs on it.

I love it.

I’ve used it for accents
And for great swaths.
I’ve used it with orange.
But mostly I’ve used it
With lime green.
That’s my favourite pairing.
Today in this apartment
I’ve got bright teal
Curtains spanning
Walls of windows
In both living room
And bedroom…
And a row of Ikea Kallax Bookshelves
In now-discontinued deep turquoise
March along one wall…
And my kitchen boasts
Walls and cabinets
In My Bright Teal…
With a backsplash
Of a paler aqua shade
In faux glass tiles.
I have bright teal
Throw pillows…
Balcony table and chairs…
And even a Yeti tumbler
For my summer iced tea.
Kate and David recently
Travelled out west
Where they stayed in LA
Across the street from
This house…
And this car.
Of course she sent the pic.
And of course, I want it
Because it matches my kitchen.

If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course