Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Sept 2021


Sweet harvesting begins...

And what comes next?
My dad and mom and I never liked figs,
But we had a lovely fig tree
In the back yard of our
San Antonio home.
And that tree was a major producer.
We gave our figs to our neighbour…
Then one year Mrs. Cowan
Returned them in the form of
We were instantly hooked…
And from that day, poor Mrs. Cowan’s
Annual supply of figs
Dwindled drastically.

Those memories came flooding back
When I saw this luscious image
From my friend Terri Reid on Vancouver Island,
Where she's a part of the Nanoose Bay Studio Tour.
She says these figs are the Desert King variety.
Now, of course, I’m wondering what variety
Our San Antonio tree was…
Or maybe…
Still is.

I don’t have Mrs. Cowan’s recipe,
But Google has provided
A myriad of alternatives.
Along with recipes for DIY Fig Newtons!!!
And Eataly recommends
An apertivo board
With prosciutto, Italian crackers,
And ripe figs.

Of course, you know from last month
This bowl of figs very nicely
Adds my fave accent
To my teal kitchen.
Seems some figs are purple, too.
And as Eugene Delacroix described,
“The sea, a dark greenish blue like a fig.”

Like a fig.

If this isn't nice, what is?
              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course