Saturday, January 29, 2022

Feb 2022

Vibrant Colours Always Welcome...

By the time you hear from me next month
I will have my brand new eyes.
Cataracts will be
A Thing of the Past.

Until then I thrive
On vibrant colours...
Because so much of my world
Is just shades of grey.
And not even shades
That I can parse
And catalogue…
Just sort of mushy shades
Tinted with yellow.

So you can see
Why I so love these flowers
And others by my friend Kelley Doris.
Of course, I always love her flowers
But these days they offer me
A glimpse of clarity
In my mushy world.

You’ll see, of course. Kelley
Also has cats... including
A couple of black cats.
And these black cats are not
Mushy shades at all.
They are definitely black cat shapes
That sometimes sport yellow eyes…
Or maybe pink tongues.
There’s no subtly in black cat images…
Even sans cataracts.
They give me comfort these days…
And joy always.

What Kelley says about her flower pics:
  • Flowers have always been my muses—I feel like they're complete worlds of colour and beauty and emotion all in themselves. I always use the natural light from the window in my back door, against the one charcoal wall in my kitchen. Cloudy days are actually the best for my pics—it helps with the darker, moodier feel I adore. I'd say my goal is to be a modern Dutch master.
Kelley always ignites wonder and a vibrant celebration of being alive.
If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course