Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022


All our Christmases came at once...

Kate and David recently made
Lots of changes to their kitchen
And beyond.
They saved all of the boxes
And those from Christmas…
For Batman, here..
And Petunia, probably here,
But hiding.

Black cats have the
Photographic facility to be
Cat-shaped black things
With amazing eyes.
And when they
Close their eyes
They become

Even with my cataract eyes
I could find these cat eyes
Watching me.
Now, with my
New and improved eyes
     Almost a week old now
I wallow in my re-found
Awareness of those cat eyes
In their now FUZZY
Black cat shapes.

I couldn’t decide between
The many-boxes
Version of Batman
Or this close-up version:

 So they’re both
In the DropBox folder
For your desktop entertainment.

     And speaking of my eyes:
The cataract surgery went smoothly
As all had promised.
After 5 days
My distance vision
Is mostly clear.
My near vision,
For things like reading
And design,
Will have to wait
For new reading glasses
After all settles down
In 4-6 weeks.

Peter and Kate
And their partners
Lisl and David…
And my grandsons
Luke and Jack
Came to see...
Me see…
And because
Our Christmas plans
For holiday visits
Had been omicron cancelled,
We celebrated
Christmas here, chez moi,
With great mounds
Of food including Swiss Chalet
Quarter chicken dinners
Made into belated
Festive meals
With the addition
Toblerone bars!

We played Xmas music
And basked in a YouTube
Fireplace ablaze with
The spirit of the time.
Kate brought us all
Super gifts
And mine included
This Pantone rainbow jacket
With Pantone green
Toque, gloves, and socks!
Truly a gift for
The amazement of
My new eyes!!

Below I’m showing
How my new jacket and I
Would have looked
To my old eyes…
And how I look
To my new eyes today.

Truly, as the Aussies say,
All my Christmases
Came at once this past week.

See larger version here.

Special thanks to my long-time friend, neighbour, design colleague, and pro photographer par excellence, Angel of Angel Torres Photohography, for taking this snapshot so I can show off my Pantone jacket, toque, and gloves—while showing you just how significantly my world changed this week.
If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course