Wednesday, March 30, 2022

April 2022

 An old friend, Dune, and the Andes...

I met Bruce Moffitt
When I lived in Sydney, Australia.
He was from New Mexico
And he spent his work time
As a geologist, traipsing
Around New Guinea
Looking for evidence of gold
For a major US company.
He spent his off-work time
In Sydney R&R, often regaling
Us, his friends, with the stories
Of the people
And of the mountains...
And showing off his fresh
Discovery of turquoise...
An unexpected bonus.

It was during one of these
Sydney visits that Bruce
Told me about that book called Dune,
Which I promptly devoured and loved.
I recently re-read it via an audiobook
Before going to see the latest
Cinematic iteration... which I declare,
Along with the Academy,
To be a sweeping success.
Unlike the Academy, however,
I give Villeneuve
the full marks
He deserves.

Seeing the film, and remembering
Why I even knew of the book
In the first place,
Prompted me to search out
Old friend, Bruce.
He's is back in New Mexico
And he's making southwest-style
Silver jewelry and he's
Cooking up great feasts of Mexican food.
Plus he's still travelling and hiking
And taking some amazing pictures.
This one, from January of last year,
Is looking north at the Andes
In Peru, on the way to
Machu Picchu.

I keep telling you I have friends who
Go adventuring AND take amazing images
To show the rest of us.
If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course