Friday, January 12, 2007

Dec 07

Circles... as this year’s circle prepares to close,
the next awaits in the wings
David Essig ( played the blues in Orangeville at the home of Heather Katz ( and Michael Griffin.
We listened and watched... the circles resonated... the man and his resonator guitar. I painted this in response.
David sang, “the past is rising fast and I'm searching for high ground.” Here I wish you a happy circle completed, linked to an approaching and ever higher new one.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nov 07

Memories of summer as autumn slowly sheds its leaves...
It was a hot day in August that Leslie and his niece Laura and I went to Rockwood, west of Toronto. We swam and basked then explored these ruins of an old mill.
My attempts to capture the colours this fall have fallen short of my hopes. Our uncommonly mild autumn has kept the green leaves green. Eventually they just fall to the ground in a brief overnight rain. I'm not complaining, but I will be getting my hat and gloves ready for the inevitable.
And yes, I'm a couple of days late this month. Like the leaves, I've been avoiding my responsibilities... but again, like them, I'm catching up in the rain.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oct 07

Kate said come to NYC to see a movie with her...
I said yes.
I arrived on Friday afternoon, dropped my things at Kate's Greenpoint (Brooklyn) apt and we found our way to tacos and cupcakes then to see a fabulous doc about Helvetica--yes, the font, celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

Designed by Zurich type designer Max Miedinger, the font is seen just about everywhere. The doc, titled simply Helvetica, is directed by Gary Hustwit and is all about how graphic designers see fonts, specifically this one.

Hustwit spoke after the showing along with Tobias Frere-Jones, one of the type designers featured in the flick... for you other type-addicts, he designed Interstate & Gotham among other well-known faces.

Here's what Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune had to say:
By rounding up a great group of eloquent obsessives eager to explain their feelings about a font, Hustwit has come up with 80 unexpectedly blissful minutes.
I recommend this kind of bliss to you... and it wouldn't hurt to go to NYC just for a movie, sometime.

P.S. You'll see this month's postcard sports a change to Helvetica in honour of the year AND it shows Kate standing below a sign at her subway station... set in Helvetica, of course.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

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