Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Nov 2018

Black Cats Lurking Here...

I've hidden five black cats for you to discover in recognition of this night's spooky activities.

Then you can spend November in contemplation of Nature's on-going festivities. Our colours are arriving late this year, but they're still resplendent and changing hourly.
On the eleventh hour
On the eleventh day,
I entreat you to revisit
My memories of Arthur VanTowsey.  

Have a great Mo/November
Be sure to remember
While you're remembering
On the eleventh:
Et al.
His birthday
And pleas
For humanity.

If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course

Monday, October 1, 2018

Oct 2018

No... not the Caribbean!

Though you might be forgiven for thinking it is. No, this is another image from Kate's visit to Scotland. The coastal pic below is Barbados. St. Lucy, to be more precise. Tis on the northeast coast and as one travels south from St. Lucy one encounters an area known as Little Scotland. Ha! Now we can see why. However, along that coastline on the way to Bathsheba, you'll also encounter palms and other tropical lushness.

This part of the Isle of Lewis is known for its own unrelenting winds... and it's own whitecapped depths. Kate just happened to be walking on a beautiful day enhanced by quiet seas... and luminous turquoise depths. Kate found last month's sheep further north on the same walk to the Butt of Lewis. As I mentioned last month, these isle of Lewis landscapes play a starring role in Peter May's mystery series, the Lewis Trilogy. Both Kate and I encourage you to go find them at your fave bookstore or library. Enjoy.
If this isn't nice, what is?

              ~ Kurt Vonnegut, of course