Friday, January 4, 2008

Apr 08

My secret is out...
After all these years in the design mileau, I've decided to fess up. If you're someone who has had reason to read my resumé, you have seen that I have a degree in art from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Tis true. You probably thought, however, that my speciality was graphic design... or, as we used to call it, "commercial art." I admit to letting you assume that. I probably even encouraged you. After all, that's the industry you've found me in for years and years.

Today, tho, I'm announcing to everyone who wasn't around then: my speciality was sculpture. I was fortunate enough to study under a very talented man from England named Philip John Evett. He was a great influence with his guidance and non-stop puns. Go here to see what he's up to these days.

This month's postcard features a limestone carving I did then. I call her Wishful Thinking. She greets me at my door every day when I get home.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mar 08

Realities in triplicate...
1. March has 31 days and all of them are herein included.
2. This epistle finds us still covered in snow in Toronto.
3. My snail-mail box shows proof of (2) above... even if it finds itself somewhat of a (well-designed) relic in today's e-age.
March entered with gentle lamb-like flurries, so I guess we should brace ourselves for an eom lion in the form of dramatic winds with snow and freezing rain. Time for us all to enjoy some good warm rental movies and Monopoly and Scrabble.
Bake something round and celebrate...
...the perfection of the circle

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Feb 08

Some scrapbook memories...
OK, you already know I'm an artist and you probably know my daughter Kate's an artist, too. I think it's high time you learn where it all started. My mother, Elizabeth Pollard, started her career about 1930 as an architect working for the firm M.C. Kleuser in Dallas, Texas. She designed several homes, a school and the clinic reno shown in the newspaper clipping above. The effects of the depression cut that career short. She went on to other things then married and had me. In her later years she discovered oil and watercolour painting. Like the Mexican courtyard scene above, many of her paintings involved architectural subjects... not a surprise.
Here's a little surprise, tho: see that clinic? The addition was for several doctors among them a Dr. Carrell. That was 1931. In 1963 I was studying sculpture at Trinity University in San Antonio and one of my classmates was a painting student named Richard Carrell Fisher... the grandson of Dr. Carrell. Here's wishing you a warm and romantic February, filled with fond memories of your own place in time and the pleasures of creating fresh new ones.Leap Year Day...
Just buzzing by with your special Leap Year Day to add to your February calendar. How come none of you wrote me about my short-changing you with your Feb calendar?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jan 08

Hopes... Wishes... Resolutions...
Now that the season of indulgence is past, we come to the season of change... The time we look for ways live up to our ideal potential. This month I offer you a taste of my personal determination to bring the best into my life. In this case, a glorious healthful drink presented with full visual impact... plus, it offered olfactory delights as well as crunchy topping for texture. How many senses does that make? (Thanks for Éric for the friendship and the pic.)